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Equilibrium® MediaRich® ECM for Microsoft® SharePoint® is the leading-edge image, document, and video connector system that seamlessly enhances and brings not only digital asset management to SharePoint and SharePoint Foundation, but greatly enhanced document and asset library user experience to effectively enable enterprise collaboration and visual search in SharePoint instantly. With MediaRich, organizations can control high-quality assets, export content files on-demand, find and view files from on any browser or device and deliver consistent branding materials for the web, video, print, mobile devices, and Microsoft Office applications.

This seamlessly connected and highly scalable solution increases business productivity throughout an enterprise by automatically managing all the content files needed to upgrade the interface in SharePoint in a quick and meaningful fashion. Whether it’s for an employee who needs to find the correct version of a file to review and approve, or for someone in a creative department who needs a better way to easily manage, modify and deploy visual content in a secure, self-service portal. Businesses can also eliminate the need for utilities on the desktop by providing access via MediaRich ECM for SharePoint to centralized repositories to create image, audio, videos and graphics for use across all media, delivering accurate, personalized content while reducing content production costs and storage expenditure.

MediaRich ECM for SharePoint 6.0 adds support for SharePoint 2016, the new Annotate Anywhere™ feature in the UniZoom™ viewer (including PDF export with annotations and export of annotations as CSV files), support for visualization and Unizoom display of Approved/Draft versions of documents where moderation has been enabled in the library, as well as support for rotating the view in UniZoom.


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